Manor’s Spanish curriculum builds on our children’s multilingual strengths, and allows them to use other languages which they may speak as a reference point to support their learning of Spanish. It encourages children to develop their confidence in written and spoken communication, and promotes the speaking and listening skills which contribute to further development of oracy at our school. We use the Language Angels programme to support the delivery of Spanish.


Curriculum Overview for Spanish

  Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Autumn Unit 1 I’m Learning Spanish (Yo Aprendo Espanol) Presenting Myself (Me Presents)

Do you have a pet?(Tienes Una Mascota)

At School (En El Colegio)
Autumn Unit 2 Animals (Los Animales) Family (La Familia) What is the date? (Que Fecha Es Hoy) Regular Verbs 
Spring Unit 3

Fruits (La Fruta)

My Home (Mi Casa) The Weather (Que Tiempo Hace) The Weekend (El Fi De Semana)
Spring Unit 4

Musical Instruments (La Instrumentos)

Cafe (Desayuno En El Cafe)

Clothes (La Ropa) World War 2 (Las Segunda Guerra Mundial)
Summer Unit 5 Little Red Riding Hood Narrative (Caperucita Roja) Habitats My Classroom (Mi Clase) Irregular Verbs
Summer Unit 6

I can… (Puedo)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Rictos De Pro y Los Tres Osos) Olympics (Las Olimpiados) Me in the World (Yo En El Mundo)


Knowledge Organisers:

These knowledge organisers show the key concepts taught for each Spanish unit in Key Stage 2

Year 3

Unit 1 – Yo Aprendo Espanol

Unit 2 – Los Animales

Unit 3 – La Fruta

Unit 4 – Los Instrumentos

Unit 5 – Caperucita Roja

Unit 6 – Puedo

Year 4

Unit 1 – Me Presento

Unit 2 – La Familia

Unit 3 – Mi Casa

Unit 4 – Desayuno Cafe

Unit 5 – Habitats

Unit 6 – Ricitos De Oro

Year 5

Unit 1-Tienes Mascota

Unit 2 – Que Fecha

Unit 3 – Que Tiempo

Unit 4 – La Ropa

Unit 5 – Mi Clase

Unit 6 – Las Olimpiadas

Year 6

Unit 1 – En El Colegio

Unit 2 – Verbos Regulares

Unit 3 – El Fin De Semana

Unit 4 -WWII

Unit 5 – Verb Irregulares

Unit 6 – Yo En Mundo