Curriculum Overview

Our school threads weave curriculum units and school life together both within and across year groups. The icons below show the main school threads within each unit. 

Social Equity 

Identity Sustainability Peace & Conflict Our Rights Decision Making


  Autumn  Spring Summer


1. All About Me

1. Nursery Rhymes

1. How Do Things Change?

2. Is It Shiny?

2. Dinosaurs

2. Under The Rockpool


1. What Makes Me Special

1. Traditional Tales

1. Mother Nature

2. People Who Help Us

2. Where In The World

2. Who Lives in Our World?

Year 1

Ourselves and Our Community

Leaving Home

Recycling In Action

Year 2

London: Then & Now

Children Around The World

Making an Environmental Impact

Year 3

Amazing Africa

Victorian Urban Planners

Challenging Stereotypes

Year 4

Civilisations & Cities

The Empire Strikes Back

Food For Thought

Year 5

Deforestation Disaster

A Journey Down The Nile

What Does It Mean To Be British?

Year 6


Seeking Refuge

Moving On Up