School Values

In September 2016, we worked as a whole school community to redefine our values as a school. These values work alongside the modern British Values that we actively promote as a school. After consulting with the whole community we created a common set of values shown below:

Our values underpin everything we do as a school. They are promoted through pupil voice, assemblies, lessons and wider school life.

Quotes from children

“I’ve shown the value of excellence in my work. I have tried really hard to improve my handwriting so that it is of an excellent standard. It makes me feel good about myself to have improved.”

“When I get stuck in my lessons, I show determination by not giving up or just asking my teacher. I try my best.”

“We learn together as a community. I support my friends and they support me.”

“My favourite value is determination. It is important so that we never give up. If work was easy, we wouldn’t learn!”

“In our school, respect is important. We look after each other.”

“Our values help us to become better people. Not just as individuals but as a whole school.”


Mission Statement

Manor Primary School is a vibrant learning community where everyone is enthusiastic, motivated and valued.

We offer a warm welcome to all in a secure, nurturing environment that is both creative and stimulating. We develop enthusiastic learners, who are independent and creative thinkers with open, enquiring minds.

Our children are motivated, confident and responsible learners and citizens.

Our staff is committed to developing and enabling children to be confident in their abilities, to encouraging high expectations and nurturing aspirations.

Our parents and carers are involved and supportive; not only with the education of their own children but with the school as a whole.

Our governors are actively involved and positively challenging.

By maintaining the highest expectations of ourselves and of others, we provide opportunities to enable everyone to fulfil their potential. We believe in the future of our school community.

When children leave Manor Primary School they will:

  • be confident in their abilities, and have a belief in themselves, enabling them to make positive choices;
  • be enthusiastic and engaged learners that have the ability to use and apply the knowledge and skills learned;
  • be respectful of themselves, of others and of the environment they live in.