Home Learning

At Manor Primary School we believe that home-learning is a vital link in the working partnership between children, parents and staff. Worthwhile tasks that are completed at home enable children to appreciate the help and support of their families in “thinking together“ and enables parents to help and be involved in their children’s education.

It also has an important role to play in reinforcing and extending the learning and teaching that has taken place in the classroom.

Reading at Home

At Manor, we believe that every child should have access to good quality texts that stimulate and inspire children (and adults) to read for pleasure. At school, we promote reading through engaging whole-class reading lessons and in September 2016, we extended our school day so that we could spend time reading a class novel or to Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) to foster a life-long love of reading.

We strongly encourage daily reading at home. Children take books home regularly from either the main school library, library hub or classroom reading areas.

We have received requests from pupils (and parents & carers) of what books we suggest so we have compiled a list of recommended reading list for each year group of our favourite books which has been created by the staff at Manor.

These are high quality texts which promise to engage and challenge even the most reluctant of readers! It is important that children are encouraged and supported with their reading and are choosing books that are age appropriate.  These books can be obtained from good book shops or one of Newham’s library.

Please note that some of these texts are encouraged to be read together, discussing themes and content. The year group specified is a rough indication, some children may enjoy exploring texts from a year group above or indeed below the specified age group.

Please click on the links to view Year group reading list required.

EYFS Reading List
Year 1 Reading List
Year 2 Reading List
Year 3 Reading List
Year 4 Reading List
Year 5 Reading List
Year 6 Reading List