What our parents and children say…

We regularly ask for parent and pupil feedback so that we can continue to develop Manor even further. In additional to our more formal surveys, we welcome feedback from our school community at anytime. Senior Leaders are available at the start and end of each school day or you can arrange an appointment to meet with us.

Parent Feedback – Spring 2022

We had a very high response to the parent questionnaire that we distributed at parents’ evening – thank you very much to all of you who took the time to complete it and give us your feedback. We had 134 responses. As you can see from the table below, parents feel very positively about the school which is really pleasing to see. There were a lot of really positive comments about what the best thing about Manor is. 

Overall Results


% who agree or strongly agree

% who disagree or strongly disagree

My child is happy at this school.



My child feels safe at this school.



My child is well looked after at this school.



My child is taught well at this school.



My child receives appropriate homework for their age.



This school ensures the pupils are well behaved.



This school deals effectively with incidents of bad behaviour.



This school is well led and managed.



This school responds well to any concern I raise.



I receive regular communication from the school.



I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress.







I would recommend this school to others



Note: The percentages do not all add to 100%, as not every question was answered and some indicated ‘don’t know’.


Children’s Feedback – Spring 2022

This year, the survey was conducted slightly differently. Rather than take part in the survey in class, members of our Children’s Leadership Team met with children across the week at break & lunchtimes. Once again, we’re incredibly proud of how our children view their school. 

For a full breakdown of the responses, please click here: 


Quotes from children – Summer Term 1 2022

Learning is fun! I like maths and English. I love the clubs. Our teachers are kind and helpful. (Year 1)

Learning is good fun. I like playing with my friends. The teachers are good and amazing! (Year 1)

This is a brilliant school because we learn different things every day! I like the clubs. (Year 1)

I like lots of things – writing, being creative and playing with my friends. (Reception)

I like playing in our garden, and our school dinners are amazing. (Reception)

I like the playground and school dinners. My phonics lessons are good, and my teacher is helpful. (Reception)

I like playtime and maths. My teachers are helping me with my learning, and my lessons are fun. I like lunchtimes. (Year 1)

I like the way our teachers are teaching us – it is fun. The clubs are nice – we have football for boys and for girls. (Year 2)

I really like the clubs – cooking is my favourite. Our teachers are nice and they make learning fun. (Year 2)

I like the food and football that we play in the arena. I also like after school provision because we have lots to play with. (Year 2)

I love Manor Primary School because we have the best teachers in the world. (Year 2)

I like coming to Manor to do my work. I have my favourite teacher and lots of friends. I also like the food! (Year 2)

I like Manor because we have good lunchtimes where we can play football and basketball. The teachers are fair, and everybody has the same opportunities.(Year 3)

Our school is very nice, teachers respect the children. We get a very good education, and our classroom is big and colourful. (Year 3)

I really like Manor because it is super fun. We have different lessons where we learn fun stuff. Our library has lots of interesting books. School dinners are good.(Year 3)

The best thing about Manor is that the teachers help the children. I like the way the teachers teach maths. I had lots of really fun experiences! (Year 3)

I like the equipment we have outside to play with. Lunch is always good and we have lots of choices. Our classroom is full of posters that help us in lessons. I can always use the English wall to help myself. (Year 6)

I like the lessons because I learn new things and it is fun. (Year 6)

I like Manor alot because we are working together and we help each other. Manor is an amazing place to be.(Year 6)

I really like the teachers, and the lessons. Our teachers are trying to help and somehow they always make lessons fun! Lunchtime is amazing, lots of options and the food is delicious. (Year 5)

I like learning, we have lots of help and then we understand what we need to do. When we understand we learn more quickly. (Year 5)

Manor is a nice place, we learn lots of new things every day. My teachers are helpful. Our school dinners are delicious. (Year 5)

I think our school is really good because I have ADHD and autism, and all my teachers help me to control it. I also get support for my needs. I like to play outside because it is fun to be with my friends.(Year 5)

My school is really good, and keeps me safe. We respect each other regardless of who they are. (Year 5)

I like how we are all engaged in our learning and how the teachers are trying to solve our problems in the best ways. In English we tried different methods of learning to find which one is best for us! (Year 5)

I like Manor because when I first joined I was the most shy person ever, but Manor helped me. Now I have loving friends. I love the trips that we go on. I love the methods that the school uses to teach us. I have learned so much and it is because of Manor. (Year 4)

I like Manor because we get to go on fun trips, we make friends, we have fun lessons, we have amazing activities, we have fun equipment to play with. (Year 4)

What I like about Manor: Trips, clubs, learning, teachers, playground equipment, PE, computing, workshops, my friends, lunch with Ms McGee. These are the things I like about Manor.(Year 4)

What I like about Manor is that you get to learn new things, and we get to go on different trips. You always get help, and you feel safe. I also like that all of the teachers are very kind. (Year 4)