Ultimate Challenges – School Fundraiser

On Friday 11th February, children and staff took on different challenges in order to raise money for the school. This fundraiser was held to support our new ‘Making Manor Memories’ programme that sets out experiences children will have as a minimum for each year group from Nursery through to Year 6.

There were a whole range of challenges set, including:

  • Ms Dempsey allowed her year 1 children to paint her face
  • Ms Naidoo and Ms Wakeman were styled by Year 6 for the day
  • Mr Ahmed and Ms Bharuchi faced Year 5 in an egg splatting challenge
  • Mr Buckley endured a bucket of ice-cold water thrown over him for each year group
  • Mr Haleem took on the challenge of 400 press ups set by Year 2
  • Ms Ullah and Ms Begum ate baby food whilst being cheered on by Year 3
  • Ms Mohamad, Ms Munira and Ms Lui were covered in silly string by Year 4
  • Ms van der Westhuizen, Ms Creasey and Ms Baker had their nails, hair and make-up done by Year 5
  • Ms McGee and Ms Collins have their hair coloured.

But it wasn’t just the staff who took on challenges…

  • Reception and Nursery took on ‘who can keep a balloon in the air the longest? challenge’
  • King class attempted to make the biggest bubble possible
  • Year 1 ran laps of the playground
  • Year 2 had to get a ball across the classroom without using their hands and without dropping it
  • Year 3 took on the statue challenge
  • Year 4 sported their crazy and colourful clothing
  • Year 5 took on many challenges including balloon racing, a biscuit challenge, spinning penalties and dodgeball
  • Year 6 made alternative school uniforms out of newspaper

Thank you to everyone who took part and all of you who donated.