Making Manor Memories

We think you’d all agree, being part of Manor is very special. Our school is a fun, vibrant place to be where great emphasis is always placed on quality learning experiences to enhance our education, our identity and our well-being. Each and every year, all of our children benefit from a wide range of educational visits and workshops that enhances their learning. We are pleased to share with you our extension of this through the new ‘Making Manor Memories’ initiative – a mapped out (though not limited to) provision of the experiences all children will have each year during their time at Manor.

These have been devised by the staff and the school’s excellent Children’s Leadership Team. In addition to these experiences the children will continue to visit an art gallery, a museum and a place of worship each year as part of the curriculum units. A range of visitors will be invited into school, including authors and other interesting people; there will also be professional performances in school for the children to watch.

Here’s to making many more Manor Memories together… 


Make new friends

Dress up as a superhero

Go on a teddy bear’s picnic

Jump in a puddle

Learn a new song and dance

Hunt for minibeasts

Watch a caterpillar grow into a butterfly

Dig a hole

Make a sandwich

Hold a worm

Walk barefoot in sand

Have a party


Play hide and seek

Plant a bulb and watch it grow

Go on a treasure hunt

Come to school in pyjamas

Watch an egg hatch

Create a story at Discover

Go on an autumn walk

Watch an aeroplane take off

Hold a chick

Ride the DLR

Build a snowman

Visit a farm and feed the animals

Year 1

Make a rainbow salad

Post a letter

Have a picnic in the park

Lie back and watch the clouds

Grow vegetables and eat them

Visit a library

Run a food festival

Make a puppet

Take a train out of London

Use a VR headset to visit somewhere new

Visit an aquarium

Buy something in a shop and count the change

Year 2

Roll down a hill

Climb a tree

See Big Ben up close

Travel back in time to Victorian school days

Sing songs around a bonfire

Vote in an election

Take a boat trip down the Thames

Use a saw to cut wood

Fundraise for a charity

Build a sandcastle on a beach and paddle in the sea

Visit a palace

Find the way out of a maze

Year 3

Go to the cinema

Explore a cave

Learn to play an instrument

Use a hammer 

Tell a story in front of a large audience

Walk along the Thames

Go on a scavenger hunt

Learn to swim

Make and race paper boats

Climb a hill

Launch a social media campaign

Go kite flying 

Year 4

Build a den in the woods

Become mediators

Go up a climbing wall

Visit parliament

Take and edit digital photos

Go to a pantomime

Create art in the wild

Ride a cable car

Have a movie night

Create  a pop-up restaurant

Visit a zoo

Have a sleepover in school

Year 5

Go on a river walk

Produce a podcast

Watch a sports competition

Go on a treetop walk

Visit a university

Go orienteering

Learn to play djembe and samba drums

Go to the theatre

Write to an MP

Visit the solar system in a planetarium

Sleep in a tent overnight

Take part in a carnival

Year 6

Go on a residential outside of London

Bake bread

Visit places of work

Toast marshmallows around a campfire

Fly down a zipwire

Go on a nature walk at night

Pitch a product in the Dragon’s Den’

Produce a music track

Run through a water fountain

Put on a production

Visit a theme park

Climb the orbit and slide back down

These experiences will be reviewed annually and changed accordingly based on our curriculum reviews & development alongside parental, child and staff feedback. At Manor, We Champion a Brighter Future for All.