Special events at Manor form an integral part of our curriculum and school life. Throughout the whole school year, children in all of the classes take part in a wide variety of events, such as themed weeks, educational visits and whole school activities. The curriculum is also enriched with visitors who support our work.

Curriculum themed weeks planned for this year are for maths, history, reading & writing, science and arts. We also have weeks focusing on anti-bullying, black history, citizenship and Young Enterprise.

We have regular social and fund-raising events throughout the year such as the Christmas Fair, Comic Relief, the annual music concert and the International Food Fair. These are always well attended and are a lovely informal way for us all to socialise.

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School Events

We have regular festival assemblies throughout the year to recognise important festivals for each of the main religions. We are trying something new this year, and have chosen some festivals that are new to us. In this way we have been able to spread these assemblies out across the whole school year. Each year group takes the lead for an assembly, and presents what they have learned. These assemblies are whole-school and parents, carers, families and friends are warmly invited to come and watch. The children love an audience!

Festival Assemblies

Our school community is extremely diverse and we have children and families from all over the world. Our curriculum ensures that the children learn about all the main world religions, so they can develop a good understanding of the beliefs of others.

Growing up and living in a place like East London, it is vital that the children have a good understanding of the beliefs and cultures of others. The children visit a wide range of religious buildings to find out about more about a religion. They spend time considering the similarities and differences between the beliefs each have.

A big part of this is our celebratory festival assemblies which we regularly hold. These are a chance for children to share their learning, and for parents to join us.