Curriculum Overviews

Learning takes place in a wide range of ways at Manor, both in and out of the classroom. As a state maintained primary school, we follow the National Curriculum as a basis for our children’s learning. The children frequently go on educational visits to a wide range of places; they regularly visit art galleries; we have visitors, such as authors, theatre companies, professionals, to school provide an additional layer to the children’s experiences. All these give the children a breadth to their learning that you cannot provide purely in a classroom.

Each year group has an overarching theme for each term. These topics provide a context for the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the Key Stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum. You can download the curriculum overviews below. At times, subjects may be taught discreet to ensure the rigour of the subject is not lost.Each topic makes connections between subject areas so that the children are able to explore and develop the areas of learning in more depth. It provides the children with meaningful opportunities to develop and use their skills in real situations.

To see our curriculum provision for each year group, please click on the relevant Year group below:





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