Young Enterprise Day

We have had the Young Enterprise team in again this week for the annual workshops that they run for the KS2 classes. All the children in Years 3 to 6 had a day’s workshop learning about the world of work, creating a thriving community, the importance of work, saving and budgeting money.Each year they build on what they learned in the workshops the previous year.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the days, and could talk really enthusiastically about what they learned, and how they learned it.

Year 3 learned about ‘Our Community’ – they got a better understanding of how people and businesses work together. They tried out what it would be like to take responsibility for a community they have designed by voting and making decisions.

Year 6 worked on ‘Our World’ – learning about how countries of the world rely on each other for their prosperity. They simulated the decisions that countries and businesses make to ensure that our needs and wants are satisfied.

Year 4 worked on ‘Our City’ – they learned about the important features of a city, and that the jobs and skills of workers are vital in determining what the city is like. They identified ways in which people and businesses are inter-dependent. They wrote a newsletter to provide information about all the different services their city could provide.

Year 5 learned about ‘Our Nation’ – they learned about the crucial roles and responsibilities of businesses, Government and people in helping our nation to thrive. They created a supply chain that apples that were harvested, and turned them into an end product of cartons of apple juice.

Thank you to BLP, our reading volunteers, who once again paid for the sessions, and sent along lots and lots of volunteers to help the sessions run smoothly. We are really grateful to them for their continued support.