Open Day

Every year we hold an Open Day in school where parents and families are invited to come in and spend time with their child in class. The children absolutely love having parents in school, and really enjoy sharing their work with them.

We send out a timetable for the day for each class so that parents can choose a specific lesson to come along for – although some spend the whole day with us!

This year we had 113 parents (and grandparents, aunts and brothers & sisters) in school over the course of the day which was excellent – some classes were packed!

We also invite parents to join us for lunch with the children so that they can taste for themselves the great meals that Debbie prepares for the children. More than 20 parents took up this offer, and it was good to see families eating together in the Dining Hall!

Parents joined in with maths, with writing and reading, with Philosophy for Children (P4C), with Spanish and with PHSE and PE. They visited the library, they worked in the ICT suite, they researched using the laptops and the ipads…

Thank you very much to those of you who were able to join us. We hope that you found it useful as well as enjoyable!