The Governing Board have a very important role at Manor. The board offers challenge and support to the school so that Manor continues to develop and do the best for the school community underpinned by our school motto ‘Championing a Brighter Future for All. The governors visit the school regularly where they meet with senior and middle leaders and talk to staff and children. Some visits are general so that they are able to see the school in action whilst other visits may be more specific focussed on a   specific question which will have been derived from a previous Governing Board meeting.


Manor’s Governing Board

The Governing Board at Manor is made up of people from various parts of the community served by the school – parents, staff and local members of the community. Governors are responsible for:

  • – ensuring legal, financial, safeguarding and other requirements are met
  • – attending meetings of the full Governing Body and – preparing by reading the various papers
  • – participating in sub-committee that members are part of
  • – actively being interested in and supporting the school in various ways; both as a critical friend of the school and as a champion for it.
  • – being accountable for those responsibilities held by the Governing Board

In addition to the main board, named Governors may also be part of sub-committees. Currently, there is one sub-committee for Finance.

Should you be interested in knowing more about our role and perhaps becoming a governor yourself, or you have issues you wish to raise with us, please contact our Chair of Governors through the school office staff who will pass on your details to him.

Meet our Chair of Governors, Jefferson Courtney

I am the proud Chair of the Governing Board and has been a co-opted governor at Manor Primary School since 2016. I am also a member of the finance committee and I am the link governor for inclusion.

I have lived in East London for nearly twenty years and work in policy and public affairs for the health charity the Haemophilia Society and bring skills in business management and communications to the school’s Governing Board.

For him, being a governor is not just about being responsible that the school is legally and financially sound but it is about respecting and fostering the Manor community and being determined in supporting the school’s drive for excellence for the staff and pupils.


Name Governor Type Appointed by Term of Office Roles
Jefferson Courtney



Nominated by LA, appointed by GB 8 Mar 2020 to 8 Mar 2024 Inclusion, Member of Finance Committee & Headteacher’s Performance Management
Kate McGee Headteacher Ex-officio by virtue of office as Headteacher 21 Jul 2007 to present  
Dorothea Schulz Clerk   26 Mar 2012 to present  
Sarah Ruiz Local Authority Appointed by LA 13 Mar 2015 to 12 Mar 2023 NPW Delegated Representative
Lesley Thomson Co-opted Appointed by GB 19 Jan 2021 to 18 Jan 2025

Safeguarding Children Governor; Member of Finance Committee; Headteacher’s Performance Management; Religious Education

Matthew Rowe Co-opted Nominated by LA, appointed by GB 15 Nov 2020 to 15 Nov 2024 Headteacher’s Performance Management 
Umar Hansa Co-opted Appointed by GB 10 Dec 2018 to 9 Dec 2022 Well-being and Mental Health
Farzana Begum Co-opted Appointed by GB 17 Sep 2019 to 16 Sep 2023 Member of Finance Committee
Bernice Williams Co-opted Appointed by GB 15 Mar 2022 to  14 Mar 2026  
Safia Hussein Parent Governor Appointed by GB due to no election candidates 6 Dec 2021 to 5 Dec 2025  
Samirah Hussain Parent Governor Appointed by GB due to no election candidates 6 Dec 2021 to 5 Dec 2025  
Mohiuddin Ahmed Staff Governor Elected by school staff 1 Jan 2022 to 31 Dec 2025  
Steve Buckley Deputy Headteacher   Observers – No voting rights  
Petra Collins Deputy Headteacher   Observers – No voting rights  
Sarah Dunn Deputy Headteacher   Observers – No voting rights  


Full Governing Body Meeting Attendees

Please click here to view Governor attendance at Governing Board Meetings

Register of Interests

 Name Occupation  Self Employed  Business related contracts with school   Partner or Director in a company Interest in securities   Other memberships  School related relationships
Kate McGee Headteacher  No No  No  No   No No 
Lesley Thomson Civil Servant No No  No  No  No  No 
Jefferson Courtney Policy and Public Affairs No No No Yes. 
Proctor & Gamble
No No
Matthew Rowe Lecturer No No Yes No No No
Mohiuddin Ahmed Teacher No  No  No  No  No  No 
Umar Hansa Volunteer No No No No No No
Cllr Sarah Ruiz Cabinet Lead for CYP No No No No No No
Safia Hussein              
Samirah Hussain   No No No No No No
Bernice Williams   No No No No No No
Steve Buckley Deputy Headteacher No No  No  No  No  No 
Petra Collins Deputy Headteacher No No No  No  No  No 
Sarah Dunn Deputy Headteacher No  No  No  No  No  No