Now that Manor Primary School is a paperless school for parental communication, we will be increasing the frequency of our newsletters to weekly. These will be short updates on what has been going on at Manor, as well as what is coming up. We encourage you to regularly check ‘School Ping’ alerts and our school website as there’s always something exciting going on at our school. Our weekly updates will be issued on Friday. 

Our Weekly Updates are created using Google Docs, meaning that you can translate into any language that you wish. Please click on the icon to read the latest issues.

3rd April 2020 – This week from Manor ( School Closure Edition)
27th March 2020 – This week from Manor ( School Closure Edition)
20th March 2020 – Announcement of School Closure following Government Announcement
13th March 2020
6th March 2020
28th February 2020
14th February 2020
7th February 2020
31st January 2020
24th January 2020
17th January 2020
10th January 2020