Election 2017

To coincide with the General Election 2017, we held an election of our own on the 7th June. As our school was used a polling station, this gave us a great opportunity to provide a real-life, meaningful learning experience for our pupils.

Each class created a political party – they had to devise a vote-winning manifesto, decide on a memorable slogan and choose a symbol to represent them.

Examples of some of the logos created

Our Political Party names and their slogans


Year One reminded the assembly of the British Values and what these look like in school.

They spoke about democracy and why we were having an election.

Each of the political parties from across the school wrote speeches, chose representatives and some classes produced electioneering pamphlets.

All children voted for their favourite party by visiting the Polling Station that was set up on the ground floor hall. Just like a real election, the children had to go to the counter, confirm their name before receiving their voting slip.

Once voting was completed the votes were counted, and the results were announced by the Returning Officer, our very own School Business Manager, Mr Briden.

And the winner is…

The election was won by the Manor Democrats with 24% of the vote.

Well done to them.

Watch to see their manifesto happen.