Covid-19 | Day to Day Procedures

In order to ensure the safety and pupils, parents and staff, we have made changes to the day to day operation of the school. These are constantly under review by the school’s Senior Leadership Team,


We have a number of separate ‘bubbles’ in school. Contact with others outside of these bubbles is kept to a minimum and where contact is needed, social distancing is adhered to. In Key Stage 2, all classes are individual bubbles. Key Stage 1 is a bubble and EYFS is also its own bubble.


The start and end of the school day

We have separate entrances for all Key Stage 2 Year groups, a Key Stage 1 entrance and an EYFS entrance. Our ‘soft start’ has been extended so that the school gates open earlier than usual to allow a longer time for children to arrive to avoid congestion.

Unfortunately, parents are not able to be on site at the moment. Social distancing markers are placed on the perimeter of the school. If you need to speak to a member of staff, senior and pastoral staff are on each gate on a weekly rotation. We have a dedicated parents email –

We ask that parents queue at the end of the day in a socially distanced manner and have patience whilst they wait for their child to be dismissed at the end of the day. 


Around the school

We have a one way system in operation at the school including halls and stair wells.

Classrooms from Key Stage 1 to 2 have rows of desks that are forward facing.

Playtimes and lunchtimes are staggered to avoid bubbles mixing.

We have provided staff with an additional staff room area to avoid congestion.

We have increased the frequency of cleaning for key touch points and toilet facilities.

PE will be outside wherever possible. All equipment is cleaned before using with another bubble.

All areas of the school are well ventilated with windows open.



All assemblies are delivered via Google Meets to classrooms to avoid mass gatherings.


Lunchtime sittings

Bubbles will sit apart at lunchtimes throughout the staggered times. 

Supervising staff and kitchen staff wear visors.