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Year 5

Spring Term - 1st Half

Year 5’s have been looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. We used concrete materials (Base Ten) to support our understanding.

In English, Year 5 read ‘The Highwayman’ and used it as a starting point for writing a crime story. Children investigated a crime scene, looked for evidence and made a prediction of what happened. Children then planned and wrote their own crime stories.

Six children from Year 5 attended a RE conference at Brampton Primary School. They joined five other schools and discussed the topic of forgiveness and how different religions teach us how to behave.

Year 5’s were invited to watch Greek Myths performed by Eastlea students. They enjoyed the plays and were praised for being a fantastic audience.

Playground Leaders
12 children from Classes 3 and 4 were chosen and trained to be playground leaders at lunchtimes. Children will be supervising games in the playground for their peers, encouraging positive play and engagement.



Autumn Term - 1st Half

Across Year 5, children have shown determination in Maths using the new Maths No Problem Singapore Approach books and materials in class. They are exploring different methods during lessons as well as working on visualising problems.

In English, Year 5 read ‘The Adventures of Odysseus’ and thoroughly enjoyed it. Our English linked to our Unit, which was Ancient Greece. Children had to create their own Greek Myth.

Earth and Space was a great success in Year 5. The children loved learning more about the other planets in the solar system. Children visited the ‘Wonderlab’ at the Science museum, observing and exploring different experiments.

We studied Ancient Greece during our Unit sessions. We looked at the Ancient Greek Democracy, where and how the Olympics started, gods and goddesses as well as the Battle of Marathon and the Trojan War.