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Year 3

Spring Term - 1st Half

Ancient Egypt
This half term the children in Year 3 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. They had the opportunity to make fake Egyptian artefacts during Art lessons.

As part of our history unit on Ancient Egypt, Year 3 visited the British Museum. They explored the Egyptian galleries of the museum and viewed various artefacts related to this unit of work in order to bring the subject alive for the children.

The children have been learning about light and shadow. Our unit question is: Why is light truly amazing? The children investigated the properties of mirrors and reflections by undertaking four different tasks. They noted their observations and used scientific knowledge on light to explain their findings.

For out unit topic, we have been learning about Ancient Egyptians. During the initial hook lesson, children were divided into groups and had to complete some activities to help them find out clues to what we would be learning in topic. The first task was to decode a letter which was written in hieroglyphics. The children matched each hieroglyphic to a letter in the alphabet.
In the next activity, the children became explorers. They dug in the sand to discover Egyptian artefacts. The children discussed what they thought each artefact was and who would use it.