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Year 2

Spring Term - 1st Half

We began English this term by writing poems about The Great Fire of London. Working in pairs we collages of the fire and then had to think of adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe our pictures. We then moved on to look at newspaper reports, we learnt all about the features of a newspaper article and wrote our own newspaper reports about the events of The Great Fire of London. To make our reports look authentic we tea-stained the paper before writing on it.

This term we have been looking at money. We have been learning all about the values of coins and notes and how to add different amounts together. We have also looked at how to calculate change and have used the bar model to support our learning.

This term in Science we have been investigating materials. We have looked at the range of materials objects can be made from and started to think about the properties of these different materials. We went to visit the Tate Modern to explore how materials can be used in different ways. We had a fantastic time and learnt how materials such as couscous can be used to create sculptures.

We have been learning all about The Great Fire of London this term during Unit. We have discovered what caused the fire, how it spread and what impact the fire had on London. We looked at how houses were built during 1666 and compared them to the way houses are built today. We also looked at how people communicated during The Great Fire of London and discussed how it was different to the way we communicate now. During Art this term we have been making 3-D models of Tudor houses using clay.


Autumn Term - 1st Half

During English this term we have been developing our letter writing skills. We have been reading the story Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett. The story is full of postcards from Sunny the meerkat telling his family all about his travels to find a new home. We have been learning about the different features of a letter and have been writing our own. We have also been learning about the explorer Captain Scott and his journey to the South Pole. We wrote letters in role from Captain Scott.

During maths this term we have been developing our addition and subtraction skills. We have engaged in a range of practical activities to develop our knowledge of place value and numbers bonds. We have been learning how to use a range of resources during our maths lessons and have been developing our skills to explain our understanding of the concepts we have been learning.

During Science this term we have been learning all about different habitats. We have been investigating a range of habitats including the Ocean, Rainforest, Desert, Polar Regions and the Park. We have been learning about the different plants and animals that live in these habitats and how their characteristics help them to survive.
To develop our understanding of where these animals live we visited London Zoo. We had a great time looking at all the different animals, especially the penguins and the meerkats. We also saw lots of other animals including tigers, giraffes, goats and gorillas. We even saw some lemurs up close.