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Head Teacher: Ms McGee

Deputy Head: Ms Collins, Ms Dunn

Assistant Head: Mr Buckley, Mr Young

Year/Class Teachers Support Staff
Yr 6 Class 1 Ms Haleem Ms Baker, Ms Lee and Ms Begum
Yr 6 Class 2 Mr Ahmed
Yr 5 Class 3 Mr Barnard Ms Dempsey, Ms Morgan, Ms Sinani and Ms Naidoo
Yr 5 Class 4 Ms van der Westhuizen
Yr 4 Class 5 Mr Young Ms Jetvic, Ms Hughes, Ms Green, Ms Allum, Ms Emmanuel and Ms Ahmed
Yr 4 Class 6 Mr Buckley
Yr 3 Class 7 Ms Maudhoo  
Yr 3 Class 8 Ms Daniel
Yr 2 Class 9 Miss Parr Ms Maroo, Mr D'Amico and Ms Howarth
Yr 2 Class 10 Ms Dunn
Yr 1 Class 11 Ms Mohamad Ms Yasmin
Yr 1 Class 12 Ms Fatomide
Reception Class 13 Ms Tucker Ms Begum, Ms Young-Harry and Ms Gbormittah
Reception Class 14 Ms Begum
Nursery Ms Saboowala Ms Richardson


Intervention Support: Ms Morgan and Ms Liu

Resource Officer: Ms S Warry

School Based Technician: Mr Brown

Midday Assistants: Ms Bennett, Mrs Darsey, Ms Turney and Ms Cabral.

Lunchtime Play Workers: Ms Green, Ms Hristova, Ms Noor, Ms Khanom, Ms Gokah, Ms Kusuma and Ms Wanyana



Local Authority Governors Parent Governors

Isabel Darling

Lesley Thomson
Alice Probert

Staff Governors Co-opted Governors

Kate McGee (Headteacher)
Catherine McGill



Bronwen Stuckey (Chair)
Jefferson Courtney (Vice Chair)
Lynessa Peters
Matthew Rowe
Steven Cox
Gloria Agyeman
Sadia Hussain (Associate Member)

The Governing Board is organised into four sub-groups, each of which focus on a different aspect of the school. Each group has a link member of the SLT with whom they work closely on visits and between visits.

Leadership & Management

Teaching & Learning

Personal Development, Welfare & Behaviour


Matthew Rowe
Gloria Agyeman
Bronwen Stuckey

Jeff Cortney
Steve Cox
Alice Probert
Bronwen Stuckey

Isabel Darling
Lesley Thomson
Bronwen Stuckey

Lynessa Peters
Bronwen Stuckey
Catherine McGill

Steve Buckley

Sarah Dunn

Sonny Young

Petra Collins

In addition, there is currently a Partnerships Working Group which consists of:

  • Bronwen Stuckey
  • Matthew Rowe
  • Steve Cox
  • Gloria Agyeman
  • Jeff Courtney

The governors do a group visit half termly which is facilitated by the link SLT member. The visit focuses around a specific question which will have been derived from a previous GB meeting, from the school’s data or a relevant current topic.

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Governors' Role

Register of Interests
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Name Position Term of Office End Date
Kate McGee Headteacher Member
Bronwen Stuckey Governor 15/11/2020
Isabel Darling Governor 30/08/2019
Lesley Thomson Parent Governor 02/03/2021
Alice Probert Parent Governor 02/03/2021
Farhan Hassan Governor 10/02/2017
Lynessa Peters Governor 15/11/2020
Sadia Hussain Associate Governor 15/11/2017
Jefferson Courtney Governor 08/03/2020
Steven Cox Governor 15/11/2020
Matthew Rowe Governor 15/11/2020
Gloria Agyeman Governor 15/11/2020
Catherine McGill Governor 10/11/2020
Michael Briden School Business Manager  
Petra Collins Deputy Headteacher  
Sarah Dunn Deputy Headteacher  
Sonny Young Assistant Headteacher  
Steve Buckley Assistant Headteacher  

Full Governing Body Meeting Attendees

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8th March 2017

25th January 2017

8th December 2016

16th November 2016

4th May 2016

9th March 2016

18th November 2015

7th October 2015

8th July 2015