Staff Team

Manor Primary’s Staff Team 2017-2018

Senior Leadership Team
Ms Kate McGee Headteacher
Mrs Sarah Dunn Deputy Headteacher
Ms Petra Collins Deputy Headteacher
Mr Steve Buckley Assistant Headteacher
Mr Sonny Young Assistant Headteacher

Class Based Teaching & Learning Team

Year Class Name Teacher Support staff for year group
Year 6 6 Shonibare Mr Mohi Ahmed

Ms Lorraine Baker, Ms Sarah-Jane Morgan, Ms Katie Lee & Ms Ritha Begum

6 Fathi Mr Abdul Haleem
Year 5 5 Lawrence Ms Adrie Van der Westhuizen

Ms Sam Dempsey, Ms Zivile Naidoo, Ms Mariana Sinani, Mrs Sheila Hughes, Ms Claudia Emanuel & Ms Farheen Ahmed

5 Kiefer

Mr Jonathan Francis

Year 4 4 O’Keefe

Mr Sonny Young

Mr Phillip Bryce-Lennon

Mr Jason Sam-Franks 
Year 3 3 Hockney Ms Kathleen Daniel Ms Vera Jetvic & Claudia Emanuel (0.4)
3 Warhol Miss Nasria Maudhoo
Year 2 2 Frink

Mrs Emily Smith

Ms Ellie Veryard

Ms Lucy Howarth
Year 1 1 Singh Ms Noreen Mohamad Ms Goma Green, Ms Claire Brown & Ms Meena Maroo
1 Van Gogh Mrs Ade Fatomide
Reception R Heilmann

Ms Ruth Tucker

Ms Leah Andrews

Ms Ponima Begum
Nursery N Mondrian Ms Jabeen Saboowala Ms Jacqui Richardson

Non-class based Staff 

Inclusion Manager: Mrs Jo Ince

Intervention Support Team: Ms Karen Morgan and  Ms Jeanie Liu

Learning Mentor: Ms Daca Crnogorac

Sports Coach: Mr Rhys Archer

Inclusion Officer: Ms Christina Burke
Resources Officer: Ms Sandra Warry

School Business Manager: Mr Michael Briden

School Administrators: Ms Regina Steyaert & Ms Khadijah Hassan

School Caretaker: Mr Chris Cole

Midday Assistants: Ms Bennett, Mrs Darsey, Ms Turney and Ms Cabral.
Lunchtime Play Workers: Ms Green, Ms Hristova, Ms Noor, Ms Khanom, Ms Gokah, Ms Kusuma and Ms Wanyana