Staff Team

Senior Leadership Team
Kate McGee Petra Collins Sarah Dunn Steve Buckley Sonny Young

Head teacher

Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher

Teaching and Learning Team

Year/Class Teacher Support staff
Yr 6 Class 1 Ms Haleem Ms Baker, Ms Leeand Ms Begum
Yr 6 Class 2 Mr Ahmed
Yr 5 Class 3 Ms Collins Ms Dempsey, Ms Morgan, Ms Sinani
and Ms Naidoo
Yr 5 Class 4 Ms Van der Westhuizen
Yr 4 Class 5 Mr Young Ms Jetvic, Ms Hughes, Ms Green, Ms Allum,
Ms Emmanuel and Ms Ahmed
Yr 4 Class 6 Mr Buckley
Yr 3 Class 7 Ms Maudhoo Ms Hughes, Ms Green and Ms Allum
Yr 3 Class 8 Ms Daniel
Yr 2 Class 9 Miss Parr Ms Maroo and Ms Howarth
Yr 2 Class 10 Ms Dunn
Yr 1 Class 11 Ms Mohamad Ms Yasmin
Yr 1 Class 12 Ms Fatomide
Reception Class 13 Ms Tucker Ms Begum, Ms Young-Harry
and Ms Gbormittah
Reception Class 14 Ms Begum
Nursery Ms Saboowala Ms Richardson

Support staff

Inclusion Manager: Ms J Ince

Intervention Support: Ms Morgan, Mr Mr D’Amico and  Ms Liu

Learning Mentors: Ms D Crnogorac & Mr J Sam-Franks

Inclusion Officer: Ms C Burke
Resources Officer: Ms S Warry

School Business Manager: Michael Briden

School Administrators: Regina Steyaert & Khadijah Hassan
Midday Assistants: Ms Bennett, Mrs Darsey, Ms Turney and Ms Cabral.
Lunchtime Play Workers: Ms Green, Ms Hristova, Ms Noor, Ms Khanom, Ms Gokah, Ms Kusuma and Ms Wanyana