School Council

We have school council because we do not want the teachers to do everything. The children can share their ideas to make the school better. School Councillors report to their classes on what is going happen and they also organise fun days. They also ask them if there are other ideas they have for making the school better.

It’s good because it helps younger people to think about the school and arrange things for the school and for charity.

What does school council do?

  • Helps Manor Primary School to create a better atmosphere for children
  • Help keep the school fun for the children
  • Consult their classes to get lots of ideas
  • Run a tuck shop on Monday and Thursday

We take responsibility.

Job Descriptions

Chairman: Runs and leads all the meetings and helps prepare the Agenda.

Vice-Chair: They keep in touch with all the class and leads the meetings when the Chairman is away.

Secretary: They take notes and put it in the minutes book and helps to prepare the agenda.

Finance Committee: Looks after the school council’s money and keeps track  on how much money has been made from tuck shop and of events.

Links with KS1 and EYFS: We give information and feedback to KS1 and EYFS children on the events that would happen. We also ask for their opinions.

Day for change February 2016
We raised £2105.50p for Unicef, it stands for United Nation International Children Emergency Fund.

  • They help children who have seen war and are upset by it
  • They help kids who have been victims of natural disasters.
  • They help kids with ebola and malaria.
  • Give children the right education so they can get a job and use the money to help their family.

Other issues we have discussed over the last term include

  • How the playground can be improved now we have the space back
  • Evaluations of the Day for Change to make sure we get better
  • What colour the toilets should be

Class 1 reps:Tasnim and Samson
Class 2 reps: Maya and Adam
Class 3 reps: Alfie andMahnor
Class 4 reps: Abdur Raheem and Victoria
Class 5 reps: Kai and Sarah
Class 6 reps: Angel and Ruslans
Class 7 reps: Mustafa and Erich
Class 8 reps: Ariyan and Briana

The school council put regular updates on the website to let you know what they have been doing.

Presentation to School Governors – Review of 2015/16.