Year 4

Spring Term 2017 – 2nd Half

Art – Sweet imagination

The children had to design their very own sweet design. They used resources such as; paper, sugar paper, tissue paper, glue and masking tape. Once their design was ready they could use a range of resources to give it that extra sparkle!

English – Writing a story with a “flashback”

We have just finished writing a story with a flashback in it. To begin we were not sure what a flashback was but we watched clips of films and read some great stories with flashbacks in them. This really helped our writing. We ended the topic with the “Hot Task” where we had to write our own story. As you can see we worked extremely hard and produced some great writing.

History- Trip to the chocolate museum.

On Monday 27th February all of year four went to Brixton to visit the Chocolate Museum. It was such a fantastic day and a great way to start our topic about the Mayans. We found out about where chocolate came from, the history of chocolate and the best part was making our very own chocolate bars! They were delicious. We all had a great day and want to go again!

Maths – Decimals

We have just started our new “Maths No Problem” topic of decimals. We looked at how we use decimals in real life to begin with. Our first few lessons are recording tenths and linking this to fractions.


This half term we have been finding out about solids, liquids and gases. Last week we carried out an investigation into evaporation. We used three sponges, poured water on them and placed them in three different places. We then checked to see how much water was left in them to see how much water had evaporated.

Young Enterprise – Monday 27th March

Pupils develop skills as they work to solve problems in the community, such as what to do with the empty shop and how to re-open the school after a fire. The pupils then work in pairs to create their very own community within a budget, and present a community development idea to the class of Town Planners.

Spring Term 2017

For PE we have been learning about rolls and balances. We have been using these to create sequences.


In RE we looked at religious text to highlight
quotes about being good.

In science we have been learning about digestion and teeth. We used playdough to create models of each tooth type so we could remember them.

In writing we have been sequencing text to help
us improve our understanding of paragraphs.

During our spelling sessions we put our spellings in the order of those we found more difficult to spell.

For Internet Safety Day we were investigating the appropriateness of images posted online and the advantages and disadvantages of doing this.

Autumn Term 2016


We have been exploring new maths equipment. It means we have more manipulatives.


In science we have been investigating how sound travels. We had fun talking to our partner with the cups and thought the vibrations from the hanger very strange.

We had a whole day Viking workshop. We learnt about their way of life and explored many artefacts that Eric Ericson brought to the school. It was a fun day.


We had an athletics day that was inside because of the weather. We had running, long jump and a kind of shot put with a very heavy ball. It made us tired and out of breath.