Spring Term 2017 – 2nd Half

Trip to Post Office

We wrote letters to our parents and later posted them at the Post Office after buying our stamps. During our journey, it was fun looking at all the different things in the environment!

Sorting transports

As part of our learning on ‘Journeys’, we have been learning to name different transports. We sorted the transports into different categories e.g. colour, size, speed etc. We also talked about where we might see each of the transports.

Counting with bead strings

As part of the Maths Mastery Programme, we have been learning to develop our number skills using a variety of concrete materials. Our favourite was using the bead strings! We used the bead strings to find out one more or less of a given number.

Floating and sinking

As part of our work on the story ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ the children explored floating and sinking. the children gather objects from the garden and predicted whether they would float or sink. We also found out what happened if we filled objects up with water.

World book day

We had great fun on World book Day dressing up as our favourite characters. all our activities were linked to books we have read and some of us made books about our characters.

Spring Term 2017

Keeping healthy

We have been discussing different ways of keeping healthy during our Jigsaw sessions. It was fun making fruit salad and understanding what types of foods are beneficial for our bodies. During PE, we learnt that doing exercise and engaging in sport activities also keeps us fit!

Little Red Riding Hood

The children have enjoyed reading the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. They created a text map of the story and later they innovated the story by changing the characters and settings. The children also used different media to paint and make the characters.

1 more/less

In maths, we have been learning to find one more and one less of a given number by completing a maths program on the computer. We practised our computer skills and developed our mouse control.


It has been super fun learning to measure the length and height of objects and things. We used unifix cubes to measure our feet and compared them with our friends.


As part of World Religion Day, the children have been learning about respecting people that are different to them. Then they welcomed a new friend into their classroom named Querk. We discussed in groups how we could take care of Querk and make him feel happy in his new environment.

Autumn Term 2016

We have all settled well in reception and made lots of new friends. Some of us found it a little tiring at first but we have got used to the longer days and we are having lots of fun exploring our new classes.

The children enjoyed reading the story ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ and worked together to create displays for our classroom doors. We finished the week with a Roald Dahl dressing up day.

As part of our learning topic on ‘Ourselves’, we have been exploring our senses. We went on a listening walk around our school environment and recorded all the sounds we could hear using marks and drawings. It was fun tasting different types of foods blindfolded and describing the taste of each item. Lemon was really sour! We also used our nose to smell lots of different things. Vinegar was very strong and disgusting!

The children have been learning to name 2D shapes and have had great fun making patterns and pictures with them.

We really enjoyed naming different parts of our body and reciting the poem “Sit your Bottom on the Floor.” We later innovated the poem and performed it together using our text map.