Spring Term 2017 – 2nd Half

This term we focused on ‘Transport’ and the story of the ‘Naughty Bus’ by Jan Oke.

We enjoyed reading the book and created simple text maps of the story to help us recall the events.

We took the bus on an adventure around the classroom which enabled us to learn positional language.

We used vehicles and paint to create tracks on large paper and explored colour mixing.

We made models using a variety of materials to create rockets, cars and busses.

We took a walk around our local area and learnt about its features. Then we recounted the journey by creating a text map.

Spring Term 2017

Our topic for this half term was ‘Traditional Tales’ and we focussed on the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We read and role played the story in the Home Corner using masks and props to help us retell and remember the events and characters.


We hot seated the characters in the story to develop our questioning skills.

Our Coffee Shop Role play area is very popular and the children are learning to take on roles and use appropriate language linked to their roles.

We went on a Number Hunt around the school, to help us develop awareness of numerals in the environment. We discovered that numbers are everywhere!

Outdoors we enjoyed using our wooden blocks to create models and structures that linked to our interests and became props for more role play! This helps us to engage in cooperative play with our peers.

Autumn Term 2016

As part of our settling in process this half term we have explored and experimented in all the areas of the curriculum. We explored sand, water and malleable materials as well as the Outdoor curriculum!

We enjoyed role play in the Baby Clinic and are learning to take on roles and the language that goes with it!

Our topic this half term is ‘Ourselves’ and as part of our learning we have enjoyed making self-portrait collages.

We learnt the ‘5 Brown Teddies’ number song and role played the rhyme. This helped us to develop counting skills and number recognition.

We learnt about shapes by exploring and experimenting with them in a variety of ways. We made collage shape pictures and used magnetic shapes to create our own.