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We believe that close cooperation between home and school is essential, and aim to keep parents and carers as informed as possible about the progress your children are making, the methods we use to teach the children and ways in which you can support your children's learning.

It is clear children make the most of their school experience when there is good communication between home and school. As well as informal contacts with the school, you will be invited to come to Parents' Evenings where you will have the opportunity to talk to your child's teacher and discuss their progress.

Senior staff are always in the playground at the start and end of each day, please feel free to approach them if you have a question or a concern, or would just like a chat!

We have regular coffee mornings in our Leywick St building, where all parents are welcome to drop in for a coffee and chat with a member of the Leadership team.

During the year there will be opportunities to come to 'workshops' run by the teaching staff where you will be able to have first-hand experience of the types of activities, methods of working and materials that your child uses in school. These 'workshops' may also suggest ways you can support your child's learning at home.

We also run a wide range of events throughout the year, both in school time and out, aimed at involving as many parents as possible. The children really enjoy seeing school staff and families having fun!