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Continuing Professional Development

Targeted whole school development

I can devise with you programs which increase knowledge, understanding and confidence in teaching, both as whole school Inset sessions and targeted year group or class support. I have worked alongside the SLT in a number of schools do develop their subject leadership and provide a range of opportunities for all staff. It included working with subject leaders on action planning, resourcing, curriculum development and skills ladders to support planning. Then planning and delivering twilight and whole day training sessions as well as working alongside the teachers in their own classrooms. The work with the teachers was planned with them to make links with their developing curriculum.

Individual, year group and whole school projects

I can also develop with you projects which will have a wider impact on the school environment but are linked to the themes the pupils are working on be it Maths, Literacy, science or the foundation subjects or topics. These can either focus on one year group, or the whole school as at Manor where I have established an expectation of regular whole school art projects. I am always willing to try new ideas to provide challenging experiences.

When working with any group the programme and content can be led by the needs of the individuals or group concerned as well as being linked to the school development plan.

Display and the learning environment

Developing awareness of display and identifying the contribution it can make to the learning environment can impact on the attitudes and expectations of the school community. I have worked in a number of schools including Carpenters and Cleves to develop practical and aesthetic skills to improve the learning environment


Click HERE for details of 2016-17 twilight training sessions.