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About Catherine McGill

I have been teaching for over 20 years and working as an artist educator in London for the last 13 years in various roles. For a number of years I was employed as a teacher/artist working on a research project with two schools. The research focussed on establishing how working with the Arts impacted on and contributed to pupils’ development. Considerable evidence was gathered that showed impact on various aspects of the curriculum, Literacy in particular, as well as dispositions towards learning, motivation and attendance.

Since then I have also been employed as an AST, an SLE and an Advisory Teacher for Art and Design as and in those roles have spent much of my time developing projects or schemes of work that have strong cross curricular links that promote learning both in the arts and in other curriculum areas. I have gained extensive experience of working with adults and young people in those contexts.

I am able to work with you to develop and deliver targeted professional development, training and pupils projects for your school community with a particular emphasis on developing the visual arts and creative cross curricular learning. All the work I do is planned around the specific needs of your school and can relate to specific processes i.e. drawing, printing, textiles or curriculum themes i.e. evolution, the circus, Ancient Greeks etc.