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Open Futures is a charity-funded skills and enquiry-based curriculum development programme. It was created to help children discover and develop practical skills, personal interests and values, which will contribute to their education and help to enhance their adult lives.

Manor began working with Open Futures to develop our Curriculum in Sept 2011 and in Sept 2013 we became an Open Futures Centre of Excellence. We have links with Gallions and New City Primary schools who are also in partnership with Open Futures and the three schools have held joint inset and other sharing events. In our new role as a Centre of Excellence we are now supporting 3 new Newham schools who have just begun their Open Futures journey.

There are four Open Futures strands that all aim to make the curriculum more practical, purposeful and engaging.
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Ask it (Philosophy for children) enables children to explore important concepts, improve their thinking, appreciate other points of view, make more sense of their world, better understand others and themselves and judge what is reasonable to believe and value. It develops the children’s ability to question, to reason, to hypothesise and, above all, to communicate.

Cook It engages children with the hands-on experience of cooking, developing a positive food culture and providing a good understanding of how the food they grow/cook in school relates to their own physical development and well-being. It gives the children the opportunity to understand where their food comes from, explore their own and other cultures, learn about seasonality and acquire practical skills.

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Film It enables children to use digital film to document and share their ongoing learning and create original films, as well as developing their technical skills, digital literacy and understanding of the editing process.  The Film It website helps them to communicate with each other, to see the experiences of children in other Open Futures schools and share their own films within the Open Futures community.

Grow It equips children with the skills, confidence and techniques to create and maintain a productive, edible garden and to garden sustainably. The children learn about seasonality, how to select and use appropriate tools, how to sow, grow and tend to their own produce and to appreciate the wonderful flavour of fresh produce harvested in its natural season.

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